How Paperless Can Make You More Profitable in 2022

If you’re feeling slightly shameful about the mountain of paperwork on your desk, don’t be. Every business owner has been there.

As Kiwis, we love a bit of DIY, so, naturally, some businesses haven’t done away with paper yet. However, if you haven’t migrated your operations to a digital platform, you could be risking your profits.

With 2022 just around the corner, here are a few reasons why you should make going paperless your resolution.

Improve productivity and visibility

Exactly how much time is wasted digging through piles of paperwork looking for payroll information or important health and safety documents is unknown – and maybe that’s because no one really wants to admit how high that number is.

Regardless of the figure, it’s certainly something business owners could move away from.

Searching through physical documents can slow down workflow, which ultimately reduces productivity. In addition, sometimes, these quests to find particular documents are fruitless because it’s already lost. This then results in a considerable amount of time wasted, time that could have otherwise been spent doing billable work.

Using a digital or cloud-based system gives you better visibility of what’s going on out on the job. You’ll know that staff have completed important and necessary paperwork when it needs to be done. By giving yourself a birds-eye-view of all your documents you can also be more confident in the compliance side of your business.

Digitalisation gives you back your time, allowing businesses to easily access information in one centralised location and focus on billable work.

Overhead costs

As any established business owner will know, the little things add up. Paper, printers, printer ink, and filing cabinets can initially appear as small, inconsequential costs, but they add up, especially as a business grows.

Printing materials aside, administrative costs often are what truly eats into the cost of an expanding business.

Administrative roles are necessary for any organisation. No matter how deep we dive into the digital age, we will always need people. However, moving paperwork to a digital format can free up administrative duties, allowing these employees to focus on other areas of your business.

Paying someone to data input things like timesheet data, calling staff to find lost timesheets, or health and safety documents is a huge timewasting effort and will strain your business growth plans.

Better communication

An article by RNZ says that, on average, New Zealand workers waste three hours a week on admin tasks, costing companies about $4200 per employee a year. This wastage can be tied to employees having to manage paperwork themselves or just waiting around for someone else to.

Imagine a building site with staff standing around, not being able to work because they haven’t received the documents they need to carry out the job. Or staff not turning up because timesheets have been lost and they haven’t been paid properly.

What about what happens when there’s an important update on a project that needs to be communicated to everyone on the team quickly? Messages can get lost in translation over the phone, or vital information may not be passed on correctly if scribbled down on a sticky-note, leading to costly mistakes.

These issues can create ongoing roadblocks that make it difficult for teams to work efficiently. Not only can these challenges disrupt important projects (eventually impacting revenue streams), they can result in frustrated employees and poor team culture.

Moving all paperwork to an online-based system allows employees to receive information, upload their own documents, and circulate information around the team. By giving everyone easy access, it will encourage more team collaboration, reduce the risks of mistakes, and overall create a smoother communication process.

Making the leap

Some business owners have already made the leap to go paperless. Often times this means choosing multiple solutions that don’t communicate to each other
and in many cases are only giving 30 % to 40% efficiency because they are a one-size-fits-all type of product and don’t have the capacity to consider a business’ unique needs.

Admins end up putting in as much time collating information from these various platforms as when they were dealing with paper.

What’s more is implementing these various solutions can cause confusion as each will have its own way of operating. You’ll end up wasting even more time trying to get these systems to work for you, rather than the other way around.


How we can help
Tech Enabled offers a paperless solution that will help your business expand and move away from the costly consequences of physical paperwork.

We don’t offer a cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf solution either. Instead, we work with you to understand your business, assess your needs, and deliver a customised, paperless solution with real-time and accurate data you can trust. As part of our service, we will support you and your team in implementing your new solution and making sure it’s working for you.

Whether you need to digitalise all your paperwork fully or you need a mobile app to be developed, Tech Enabled can help.

If you’re curious to see how well our solutions can work for you, try our calculator.

Get in touch with our team to see what solution is best for you.