Introducing a better way of working with Tech Enabled

Civil Construction is rapidly modernising – are your business processes keeping up?

The civil construction sector is vital to the growth of New Zealand. After a turbulent year that hit the sector hard, it’s more important than ever to modernise those admin intensive processes to focus on more business-critical tasks at hand.

The industry has gradually begun exploring technology such as AR, VR and IoT for construction methods to keep up with the country’s more innovative sectors, but it’s the everyday, laborious, paper-based processes that are holding smaller businesses back. You might be surprised to learn that Construction is the least digitised industry globally but we’re here to change that.

We know all too well that civil construction requires a lot of information to be captured on the field, be it for payroll, health and safety, project management, site management – the list goes on. The problem lies in how this information is being captured and stored. Paper forms aren’t smart, and they’re easy to damage, lose or worse – never be completed at all.

Whether you know there is a better way of working but can’t invest the time into it, or paper-based forms are all you’ve known, our job as a consultancy firm is to assess your needs and offer a customised solution. We help you and your team become more efficient and productive.

What’s more, we take care of the entire process (including implementation, training and ongoing support) so you can focus on what you do best – building the future of New Zealand.

Who we are:

Tech Enabled came together in February 2021, when business owner Keith decided to use his years of software engineering and process optimisation experience to help the civil construction industry improve its productivity.

Keith’s career began as a Combat Electronic Technician for the British Army, and after 13 years of duty he started his own business helping companies reduce their reliance on paper and improve day-to-day workflows.

Following ten years of running a successful software business, he has now jumped the fence to work client-side and help businesses within the civil construction industry find the perfect software for their needs.

Keith is joined by Brett, a software specialist with a combined 36 years of career experience working for technology companies with roles spanning from engineer to tech support and training.

Having spent the past 12 years specialising in office automation software, Brett has found joy in introducing people to the wonders of paperless technology. Seeing Kiwi businesses benefit from workflow efficiencies, compliance and improved data access has motivated him to bring his expertise to the civil construction industry.

What kind of processes can we help with?

We’ve worked with business owners who set aside numerous days a week to work on admin such as timesheets when they could be on the tools instead. We’ve also worked with companies struggling to maintain paper-based sign-in information for job sites. In the end we’ve helped them all realise the full potential of a smarter, bespoke system.

Our business ethos revolves around helping you solve “what you don’t know” because at the end of the day knowledge is knowing. Smart software and streamlined processes are our bread and butter. We strive to be your trusted partners who, having walked this path many times, can introduce you to technology that changes the way you work.

Why work with Tech Enabled?

Most civil construction companies in New Zealand are looking to grow and expand, but don’t want increased admin. Looking for efficiencies within the organisation that remove manual handling from your day-to-day actions is what we do best.

From back-office admin to rostering, logistics and COVID-related protocol, Tech Enabled can work with you to transform any paper form into a slick software system. If your requirements are more mobile, we can help with app development too.

Tech Enabled is different because we work from within our clients’ companies as part of the team to offer support and project management. This way we can ensure the solution is always delivered on time and to budget.

Our priority lies in not only offering the best solution to your specific needs but also in all aspects of project management, including implementation and training, so you can continue the important job of running your business uninterrupted.

CTA: If you’re ready to leave behind the tired forms and find a smarter way of working, get in touch today.